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of the president's top priorities, national security and the economy. a new report from the treasury department shows that the federal government's deficit is the smallest it has been since 2008 before the president took office. the 2013 fiscal deficit stands at $680 billion or 4.1% of gross domestic product. 680 billion is about 51% less than it was in 2009 when the deficit hit a record high of 1.4 trillion. in other news, syria has met a major deadline in the process of getting rid of its chemical weapons of mass destruction. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says syria completed the functional destruction of critical equipment for all of its declared chemical weapons product facilities and fixing/filling plants rendering them inoperable. they said the remaining two sites were too dangerous to reach for inspection but chemical equipment had already been moved to other sites that experts visited. the next target date is november 15th when inspectors and syria must agree to a detailed plan of destruction including how and where to destroy more than 1,000 metric tons of to
the government, hurting kentucky's economy. mitch mcconnell can't light the house on fire then claim credit for putting it out. >> a recent poll by democratic-leaning public policy polling shows a tight race with his opponent ahead of senator mitch mcconnell. mcconnell must faced matt bevens in a may 20th primary. joining me howard fineman, and josh barrow for business insider. howard, senior kentucky correspondent. >> thank you, a title i am honored to have. >> more experience there than any one else in the building. this is a cross wind that mcconnell is caught in here. >> yeah, it really is. matt bevin who i saw down in kentucky at fancy farms, the big political speeching contest down in the summer there. is, is, is not a bad candidate. he is learning fast. just as important he has got big money behind him. that very sophisticated ad that you showed attacking mitch mcconnell from the right. has got 330,000 dollars behind it in an ad buy. not something just saying throwing up on you tube. on television across the state is my understanding. mitch mcconnell has got to deal with that. most p
. and just fry to cobble together a small package. stop hurting the economy as much as they have been doing. so, by recent standard this would be real progress. >> what would be the elements of the deal, jonathan, as you see it? >> well, what people are just question is that president obama had about $200 billion in his budget of cuts to what he called entitlement, not medicare, medicaid, not social security. things like farm subsidies. federal pension reform. postal, this, and you know sort of user fees, transportation fees. sort of asortassorted change. and the cost of sequestration for a while. that's what people think they're going to do. obama will only offer up these cuts to medicare and social security if republicans give him more revenue. republicans would rather die than give them more revenue. that's sort of where we are, the lowest common denominator. >> that's the version of what they would call the grand bargain, one that would include more tax revenue and cuts to the big entitlements. >> right. >> paul ryan would cut off his left leg before he goes with it. he spent his last t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)